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Parlor Guitar --

the book


  $15, plus $3 shipping and handling.  $18 total
Book/CD Hal Leonard, pub.  click here for payment options

For my guitar-picking friends --

After much hard work, the book has arrived. I personally wrote out note-for-note transcriptions of ten of the longer songs from my 2005 CD, Parlor Guitar. The top staff is fully notated music notation for fingerstyle guitar. The bottom staff is guitar tablature, all done to Hal Leonard specs for guitar music.  The songs included are:

    They Didn't Believe Me by Jerome Kern
    Swanee by George Gershwin
    Tishomingo Blues by Spencer Williams
    Sobre las olas (Over The Waves) by Juventino Rosas
    Paper Doll by Johnny S. Black
    Glowworm by Paul Lincke
    Alexander's Ragtime Band by Irving Berlin
    April Showers by Louis Silvers
    Tiger Rag by Nick La Rocca, et al
    Grand Old Rag by George M. Cohan

There is an audio CD included with the book that has these 10 songs, all from my original Parlor Guitar album (note: the original full album has 16 more tunes not included with the book's CD).

The suggested retail is $14.95.  I will sell it here by mail for an even $15, and I will pay for the sales tax, if any applies. Add to that a shipping and handling charge of $3.00, so the total for me to send you one is $18.00 complete. I will autograph it for free, of course, if you wish. 

By check: 
send $18 for each book and tell me where to mail (USA only*). 
Make checks out to me at:
PO BOX 306

By credit card:
PayPal and send $18 with shipping instructions to this payment address:

If you are unfamiliar with paypal, read this by clicking HERE

* postage to other countries is terribly high. I can give you a quote, but you may find it cheaper to order this book through a retailer in your own country. Hal Leonard is a world-wide publisher of music instruction books.

2008 2012 Joel Mabus