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Joel Mabus

Online Press Kit


One of the promises of the personal computer revolution was a paperless office.  I still seem to have plenty of paper in my own office, but anything we can do to cut down on redundant printing and unneeded mailing is a goal here at "joelmabus.com."

On this page you will find easy links to the promotional data on this website -- up-to-date bio's, blurbs, photos and much more.  The texts are all in normal web pages as simple HTML -- no "pdf" or other formats requiring special software to read or download.  You can copy the page or simply cut and paste the text into your own documents or word processor. The copy has all been spell-checked and is ready to roll.  As opposed to dated paper promo packs, the facts here are the most accurate, most up-to-date, and most easily copied for your own use.

If you rather would want a CD-R with press kit materials, I can make one up and mail it, but the materials will be primarily drawn from those here at the website. If you have special needs (action photos, alternative shots, interview questions, etc.), contact me by email, and I can try to address your situation.  (see the link on the left side of any page at this site to send an email to me)

The photos here are all in JPEG format.  There are a wide variety of shots in three different resolutions: 75dpi, 150dpi, and 300dpi.  If you want to paste my picture into your website, I suggest 75dpi. It looks just fine on a screen and loads fast. It also works well for faxes and photocopies.  If you want to print a small postage-stamp sized headshot on a flyer, the lesser resolutions will probably work fine.  Larger, photo-quality needs will work better with 300 dots per inch. Most newspapers work with this resolution.  In fact, if you ask for hard copy glossies from me, you will get results from a photo printer working from these same 300 dpi jpegs.

A NOTE TO PROMOTERS AND PUBLICITY AGENTS: All the press kit items I could send you in the mail are here on the website, so please consider using this marvelous technology before asking me to send you multiple "press kits" in the mail.  Lets try to save a tree, and in the process make the information flow faster and more accurately. And be sure to forward the URL for this specific page to your press contacts.

A NOTE TO THE PRESS: I've tried to anticipate your needs, but if there are things you need to know or if you would like to schedule an interview, don't hesitate to contact me at


Joel Mabus
PO BOX 306
Portage, MI 49081

Simply click on the item you wish to see:


A sample press release -- fill in the blanks

Full Joel Mabus biography with all the details

Shorter versions of the bio

Choice quotes and blurbs about Joel Mabus

Places played

Upcoming performances

Performed with...


Explore the recordings

Reviews of recent Joel Mabus CDS

Essays by Joel Mabus

FAQ -- about writing, performing and playing. Plenty to quote.



Photos at 75 dpi resolution

Photos at 150 dpi resolution

Photos at 300 dpi resolution

Color photo, hi-res, Joel with banjo, re: The Banjo Monologues