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Folk Alliance Newsletter
Performer's Columns
by Joel Mabus


Below are columns I have written for the newsletter
of the Folk Alliance from 1997 to 2003.

Click on the title/topic to read that issue.

note: The first two performers columns were "news" oriented
and are now entirely out-of-date.  I have not included them
here.  Below are the more "topical" columns that have been
the general style of the column as it has developed.  Keep in mind
that the opinions expressed are my own and are not necessarily
those of the Folk Alliance or the newsletter staff. Also notice that
I am not a Lawyer, Doctor, or Chief of anything -- free advice is
worth what you pay.  Some details may be out of date by the time 
you read them. Listed in chronological order, the most recent first,
the dates given are those of the writing of the piece. The publication 
date was a few months later in most cases.

Music In A Time Of War -- April 2003

Remembering Brownie -- August 2002

Carter Family Words -- April 2002

Sandburg's Songbag -- March 2002

Name Game -- December 2001

The Power Of Song -- October 2001

Napster v. Folkster -- April 2001

Thinking Ahead -- March 2001

Why Do They Keep Calling Me A Folksinger? -- December 2000

Branded -- October 2000

Folk Music in the Brave New World -- June 2000

Royalties -- October 1999

The Sales Table, Part Two -- February 1999

The Sales Table, Part One -- February 1999

MusicHound Folk-- October 1998

Passing It On -- The Teaching Performer -- August 1998

Performing Outdoors -- April 1998

Day Jobs (guesting Margaret Nelson) -- March 1998

Conference DO's & DON'Ts -- December 1997

Road Ready -- October 1997

Contracts -- June 1997

Mailing Lists 101 -- April 1997


2008 Joel Mabus
Last updated -- November 12, 2008