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A Bird In This World


(fossil 2415)


Release date:  February 24, 2015
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Here's the blues album I've been talking about: 

Ten original songs that spell the blues in my own peculiar way. Now, some might want to call this the "blue side of folk" or the "country side of blues" or just a new set from the old boy. But it's blues to me. My first encounter with the real deal was as a wide-eyed child on the downtown streets of St. Louis in the late 1950's - large black men with metal guitars selling pencils and wailing on the street corners. Later on, as a teen I soaked up a lot from records, weaving my family's hillbilly music with country blues from the likes of Doc, Brownie, Lightning, and Mississippi John. Some of those men I eventually got to know in person, like one winter afternoon in my college dorm in 1973. I was nineteen and Brownie McGhee was staying in the guest suite. He heard me play guitar and invited me in to pick, just the two of us playing hillbilly songs and blues. It was all one thing to that kind Tennessee gentleman. Now I am older than Brownie was then. Time to let this bird fly…

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[to read the lyrics to the songs click here]


The Songs:
[click on the "mp3 sample" after each title for a generously sized clip]

1. Welcome Back to the Blues  (mp3 sample)
2. Simply Lost In The Blues
    (mp3 sample)
3. Hillbilly Singer
    (mp3 sample)
4. Kentucky Hambone Blues
    (mp3 sample)
5. Brown County Bounce
    (mp3 sample)
6. Hemingway's Beard
    (mp3 sample)
7. Hoosier Blues
    (mp3 sample)
8. Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet
    (mp3 sample)
9. A Spin of Desire
    (mp3 sample)
10. How About the Blues
    (mp3 sample)

Produced by Joel Mabus for Fossil Records
Recorded and Mastered by Ian Gorman for La Luna Recording & Sound
All songs written by Joel Mabus, published by Fingerboard Music BMI

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[click here for liner notes]

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©2015 Joel Mabus

All Rights Reserved