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Order a Compact Disc (or other goods
directly from
Joel Mabus

For a printable order form click HERE 

Looking to buy downloads?  click here
If you would rather order my stuff from someone else, here are my recommendations.  
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NEW! CLICK HERE for Ordering & Payment options
CLICK HERE for details, and RETURN info.
For Sales Tax information, CLICK HERE 
Click here for Privacy Promise 

New Pricing as of APRIL 23, 2020  click here to read the details


Each CD by mail will cost $16, (CD plus processing) and

each shipment will have a S&H fee of $6  (fine print)


My Parlor Guitar Music Book is $19, (book plus processing) $6 S&H added to each package.

Sheet music goes for a dollar a page, with a possible shipping fee -- see the page


click here for info on orders to Canada or other places outside the USA



You have three options to get a CD in the mail from me -- 

1) click here to pay by check    OR...  

2) click here to get an email invoice and pay securely by card (NEW)

3) click here to pay online using Paypal

Any which way:  How I fulfill your order



You can order directly from me by sending a check in the US mail. 
It is as simple as this:

Print out an order form by clicking HERE! 
Instructions are on the form. Print it, fill it out, mail it with your check to the address on the form. 
You're done!

Or: If you don't have a printer, or just want to be "old school"
you can do the math yourself and write me a letter with your check:

The price for Mail-ordered CDs are $16 each, mailed to anywhere in the US. 
That price includes the CD ($12) plus a processing fee ($4) 
The new part is to add a $6 shipping fee to the total. And that is your grand total.

The order form makes it easy, but to do it yourself: 

  1. Decide which CDs you want (and how many of each),

  2. Write me a letter (or a short note), telling me what you want, and where you want it sent 
    (You could have me send an order to a friend as a gift -- or have it come to your home or office.
    I'll send it wherever you say, in the USA)*

  3. Multiply the total number of CDs by $16, and 

  4. Add a shipping fee of $6 to that amount for the package

  5. Once totaled, send a check made payable to Joel Mabus, along with your note to:

        Joel Mabus
        PO Box 306
        Portage, MI 49081

*Note about split orders: If you have an order you want me to send to two different addresses, you will need to add another $6 for the additional package addressed elsewhere. Best to fill out separate order form for an additional address.

(See the fine print below* for refunds & breakdown of prices)
(click here for orders to Canada or other countries)  



You will NOT be sending me your credit card number -- I won't ever see it!

First, decide what you want. I suggest looking at an ORDER FORM.

Then you send me an email telling me whatever you want, and wherever you want it sent, and I will respond with a quote -- by email. If you say ok, I will send you an invoice via Squareup.com (the same company that lets you swipe a card into a cell phone) Square Up is 100% secure.  

You will get an invoice for the total we agreed on.  You can pay it right then or later.  Square lets me know when you've paid, and I will send your order ASAP after that.  Simple as that. No membership on your part.  I will not see, nor ask to keep your card on file. 

(See the fine print below for refunds & breakdown of prices)



The PAYPAL price is the same as standard mail order: I suggest printing one of my order forms CLICK HERE  to figure out what your total would be. Better yet, write me an email of what you want, and I will confirm your total, or send you a price quote.

In fact, when using PayPal, PLEASE send me a separate email here first:   Joel Mabus  telling me what you want, and where to send it. Also,  if your order involves anything special -- alternate address, autograph, large order, etc.

Then you can pay me using your PayPal account. (You will need to be registered with them, but if you already have an account there, it is pretty quick procedure.)
(If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, and want to try it for the first time, click here  for more info)

If you are a seasoned PayPal user, you know the drill.  
At "Send Payment To" just enter my usual email address:

joel.mabus@pobox.com    (don't forget the dots!)
and send me the total amount we agreed on.

Important: I DO NOT have a "store" or a "shopping cart" at PayPal.  Just send me the total amount for your order. Feel free to use the comment box to tell me what your payment is for. 

Once I hear from PayPal that you have paid, I will write you an email letting you know the status of your order. I will get it in the mail ASAP. 

(See the fine print below for refunds & breakdown of prices)



I will package your order carefully in either a bubble-wrap lined mailer (or in a cardboard box by Priority Mail for larger orders)
and send your package either by  USPS First Class or USPS 1-3 Day Priority Mail  for larger orders to anywhere in the USA.   

Express mail, UPS, FedEx, or overnight service would require additional cost. Email me if that is something you desire.

click here for orders to Canada or overseas 


If I am out on the road when your order comes in, your package  may be delayed a day or two, but I have a pretty good track record with turn-around time. If you have a time crunch -- birthday or holiday -- let me know by email, and I'll try to help you out. 

(COVID-19 caveat: during the pandemic, the USPS still works pretty well -- but I have learned to give up on the economy "media mail" rate.) 

If you want any of the CDs autographed or personalized be sure to let me know! I won't sign them unless you ask me to.

Questions?  Don't hesitate to send me an email -- just click here.


 About Canadian orders and packages to other foreign countries:

Over the past few years the US postal service has greatly increased costs for packages to other countries, even ones that are not "overseas."  I used to service Canada for the same shipping fee as USA, but can no longer absorb the increased cost.  

So for ALL orders going outside the USA, please contact me by email before you make your order, and I will give you a quote on the cost to your particular address.  joel.mabus@pobox.com


I keep your mailing address and ordering history in my own secure database for my business accounting records. I DO NOT RECORD YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER!  I may use your mailing address to contact you by post card on a very infrequent basis -- if I have a new recording coming out, or if I may be touring near your zip code.  BUT I NEVER SELL OR LOAN YOUR ADDRESS TO ANYONE -- NEITHER MASS MARKETERS N OR OTHER PERFORMERS N OR PRESENTERS!  I have been marketing by mail for more than 30 years and have never violated this solemn oath.  If you ever decide to delete your name from my rolls, just tell me and it is done. 

The New 2020 pricing explained:

Higher prices at the US post office, as well as other constrictions coming from the response to the pandemic of COVID-19, have forced me to change my pricing and mailing policies. For many years I have sold my CDs by mail with a simple "one price" plan. I have charged a flat $16 and with every increase in postage rates, I have "eaten the cost" by adjusting my accounting.  With the new order, I have changed it around a bit. The new breakdown is this:

price of CD in its packaging = $12  (as before)
price of processing your CD = $4  (as before)
fee for mailing THE PACKAGE to you  = $6  (new S&H fee that reflects the real cost of postage plus bubble pack envelope.)

This new shipping and handling fee will be added to your order just once, whether you order one CD, 2, 3 or 20. Pricing the postage by your zip code and precise weight of your package is far beyond my capability in my home office. I want to keep things simple, costs low, and fair. The post office now charges by both weight and distance for first class.  I don't have their computers, so I have used their current rates at average distances to come up with a  round number that works.  Yes, purchase price of a single CD is up a little, but a purchase of 2 or 3 CDs in one package will save you some money per CD.

This per package shipping price now means that if you order one CD I would send to you, and order another I would send to your friend far away, i can do that. But I will need to apply the $6 S&H to each package. For this reason, my new Order Form is good for one address only. Make out another for each friend, with their address. 

Or just simply send me an email and tell me what you want to order and where to everything. I can write you a quote of the cost.  What's more I can send you an invoice via my "Square Up" account, so you can pay immediately with a credit card.



*The Fine Print

As of April 23, 2020:

For orders shipped inside the USA:
The mail order sales price for any CD is  $16 total price for a delivered CD, including processing.  
There is a $6 shipping & handling fee added for each package mailed. (all packages will be mailed via 
USPS First Class, or 2nd Day Priority Mail for larger orders -- unless you request a different shipping option) 

The breakdown is $12.00 for the CD itself plus a non-refundable processing fee of $4.00. The  S&H fee of $6 per package is likewise non-refundable.

REFUNDS  If you return a CD because of a problem for whatever reason, you will be refunded the $12.00 price if you wish or get a replacement sent to you free of charge. Please email me first before you send it back in the mail.

For CD orders from outside the USA: 
The sales price is the same $12.00 per CD in US dollars, plus the same $4 processing fee.  The  shipping charge must be determined according to current postage rates to your country.   Write me an email to get a quote. 
Returns from outside the USA:  refunds given only for returned defective discs, replacements may incur a shipping charge depending upon location. Email me before returning. 

For my  Parlor Guitar Book published by Hal Leonard:
The sales  price is $15.00 for the book itself plus a non-refundable processing fee of $4.00 for USA orders. S&H fee is $6 for each package mailed
That equals $25 total price for one delivered book. (unless you request a different shipping option) 
If you return a book in unused and re-sellable condition with its disc, you will be refunded the $15.00 price.

If you live outside the USA, it is usually cheaper by far to have your nearest all-service music store order the book for you directly from Hal Leonard Publishing. They have offices world wide. 



I do not collect nor remit sales tax, duties or fees for  US states (other than Michigan) or any other governments.

DETAILS: Orders that ship to an address within the state of Michigan are subject to Michigan sales tax, because that's where I live and do business.  
But the final price to you is the same either way, because I WILL PAY YOUR  TAX.  Consider it  my gift to a fellow Michiganian or Michigander..
Technically the $12 price you pay for a CD is accounted as "$12.00 with 6% MI tax included."   
Same goes for my $15 Parlor Guitar book, which is "15.00 with 6% MI tax included, plus $5 shipping & handling."

That 6% "tax included" does indeed go to the State of Michigan treasury. I keep fastidious records and I write the state a hefty check every year.  So, Michiganers: You owe no "use tax" on your purchase from me!
My Michigan Department of Treasury Sales Tax License number is available upon request. 

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2020 Joel Mabus