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Different Hymnals.


(fossil 2517)



Release date June 30, 2017

Available for purchase directly from Joel for $16 incl. shipping within USA:
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Available for download at CD Baby, Apple Itunes and Amazon 

You've heard about walking around in the other fella's shoes?
Well, if you really want to know somebody, sing a song from their hymnal!

Quoting from the liner notes:

Itís a full 500 years now since Luther famously nailed his theses to the door and split his church asunder.  Theology aside, Western music has never been the same since.  The Reformation in Europe ushered in radical new ideas of hymnody and song; in the fertile soil of North America those ideas took root in ways that no one could have predicted.  Hymns of the seekers, spirituals of the oppressed, anthems of the revived, and the rousing gospel of the redeemed Ė they all continue to swirl in the great melting pot. Their choruses echo in stained glass cathedrals and in lowly store-front missions. Their themes are repeated in symphonic concerts and in corner juke joints; the same tune throttled on Sundayís pipe organ gets pounded on Saturday nightís guitar.   

If you know me, then you know that in these past forty years of recording, Iíve often woven songs of faith into my mix of original and traditional music.  Itís just my natural fabric.  At long last, in this album, I am shining full light on the wellspring that has informed so much of my musical life.  This collection represents a wide variety of inspiration and traditions, different dogma and creeds.

Different hymnals.  Same hope.  

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The Songs:
[click on the "mp3 sample" after each title for a generously sized clip]

1. Four Early Shape Note Hymns (instrumental) 4:37   (mp3 sample)
2. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone / Let It Shine 6:10   (mp3 sample)
3. When Peace, Like a River (instr.) 2:44   (mp3 sample)
4. Stand By Me 3:25   (mp3 sample)
5. Love Lifted Me (instr.) 2:45    (mp3 sample)
6. No Not One! 3:06    (mp3 sample)
7. Everybody's Grace 2:15    (mp3 sample)
8. Low Lazarus & Lord Diverus 6:10    (mp3 sample)
9. God Don't Like It - I Don't Either 3:07    (mp3 sample)
10. One Simple Song 3:00    (mp3 sample)
11. Jesus Knocking At Your Door 4:14    (mp3 sample)
12. Jesus, Lover of My Soul / Nearer My God to Thee (instr.) 3:18    (mp3 sample)
13. We'll Understand It Better Bye & Bye 3:25    (mp3 sample)
14. Old Hundredth (instr.) 1:25    (mp3 sample)

REVIEW -- Nationally known radio host, Rich Warren (Midnight Special, WFMT) named this as one of his favorite CDs of 2017. He wrote:  "Mabus selects a different framework and motif for each album he records. His knowledge of music runs exceptionally broad and deep. Different Hymnals covers shades of faith from near agnostic to devout. The album is highly spiritual, but not particularly religious. Although it includes a few Christian hymns, it is not a Christian album. The spiritual songs suit nearly any faith. He includes originals, rewrites of traditional hymns and even a lengthy Child ballad imbued with spiritual/moral overtones. An outstanding guitarist, Mabus also mixes instrumentals with songs. Mabus connects all of these fourteen songs with the message that shared faith of whatever religion can bring us closer together and that peace is the ultimate goal."

[read complete published liner notes here] 

[read extra liner notes, online only, here]

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