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Payments via PAYPAL

at paypal, my "send payment to" address is:   joel.mabus@pobox.com 

Paying via PayPal means ordering from ME -- not a third party. PayPal simply a third-party way of paying me. I will still mail your order directly as if you had mailed me a check, but I will get the funds much more quickly, and you can use your credit card to pay.  Yes, they keep a small percentage of the money as a service fee, but I am happy to offer you the convenience. 

If you haven't used it before, PayPal is an online service that is very popular with the online auction sites, such as eBay (which now owns PayPal).  At PayPal you can use your credit card (or debit card, bank account, etc.) to make money payments to anyone with an email address.    

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE:  I never get -- nor even see -- the credit card number you use at PayPal, so there is no chance of your info going to criminals if my laptop is hacked.  PayPal DOES use your credit card number, so read their security statement if you are concerned. 

I am registered at PayPal to receive and send payments.   But I currently do not maintain a "storefront" at PayPal with a "shopping cart" for tallying merchandise.  I keep it much simpler.  You figure the amount you need to send me, then do just that -- send me the total via PayPal.

My prices are the same whether you pay by check or PayPal  (for example $16 for one CD, $20 for the Parlor Guitar Book -- shipping and taxes included). For multiple items or special orders, you do the math. You might prefer to print out an order form for your own purposes if you want multiple items. Once at paypal just pay me the total amount for your order. But be sure to leave a message in the "Message to Recipient" box  and tell me the items you are ordering and where to send the package.  (You might be sending a gift to somewhere else, after all.)  If your order is complicated, send me a separate email and explain it -- or ask me to figure your total. 

If you decide to pay with PayPal:
log on at their secure site (note https), https://www.paypal.com/ and send your total payment to me, following their instructions sending payment to me by typing or pasting in my usual address:  
(careful -- you must use this exact address or the payment won't go through to me)

Again -- I don't have a automated "PayPal shopping basket" set up -- so just figure your total and pay me.  
Remember -- at the Paypal site, be sure to tell me your "send to" address and which titles you are ordering in the "message" box, along with anything else you would like to let me know
Again, If your ordering instructions are very complicated, or if you just want to be extra sure your order went through, send me a separate email to joel.mabus@pobox.com and explain things. 

I will almost immediately get an email via PayPal with your order. I will respond to that email ASAP and let you know when I will get your order in the mail. Usually within 24 hours, unless I am out on the road and away from internet access.


MORE ABOUT PAYPAL -- for "newbies"

PayPal is a big corporation, and things change there over time. Used to be that first time users of PayPal didn't need to register to use it, but it looks like now, everyone who wants to use it will need to register first. So you will be giving them some personal information, including your credit card number, if that is your payment method. My advice: Whenever logging on to PayPal or other similar payment sites, beware of counterfeit websites, phishing and other scams.  The true PayPal site is secure and begins with "https"  -- unscrupulous people would love to know your paypal password, so be smart about it. 

If you are wary of sites like PayPal, or are nervous about privacy, I understand. PayPal is a reputable organization, but typing in one's personal financial data at a website should always be done judiciously.  That's why I am always happy to offer the "check by mail" option.

But I have used PayPal pal both to pay and receive funds for years, and have never had a problem. If you wish, check out PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/ and look it over carefully before committing. 

Or just go back to the easy mail order option, to order with an envelope and a stamp from yours truly, Joel Mabus. 

Remember, ordering from me (by mail or PayPal) is the only way to get an autographed CD -- but you'll need to ask!