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Other Online Retailers:
Downloads or Hard Copies

Buying Downloads--

All of my newest cds have been digitized for downloads, and I have been working on getting the older material on-line as my schedule permits. 

I would recommend downloading from my account at CDBABY, if you ask me. If you are concerned about your artist getting paid, they provide a bigger cut of the pie and faster payment than Amazon, or Apple iTunes -- those are honest services, but they pay less, and several months after your purchase. 

These recordings are currently available in full for purchase as downloads:

A Bird In This World  (in process February 2015)
Pepper's Ghost & other banjo visitations (2013 album)
A Parlor Guitar Christmas (2012 album)
American Anonymous  (2011 album)
The Lights Are On In Michigan  [single song] (2010 single)
No Worries Now  (2009 album)
Omnibus [reissues from Firelake &  Short Stories]  (2008 album)
Retold [new versions of "best of" songs] (2008 album)
The Banjo Monologues  (2007 album)
Thumb Thump (2002 album)
How Like The Holly [Christmas music] (1999 album)

MORE of the older albums to be added!

Don't forget to visit my mp3 page on this website where I offer a few free downloads


Of course, you can get any of my cds in the mail from ME.


If you would rather not order directly from me,
Here are a few different ways to plug your credit card 
into the internet and have my CDs delivered to your door: 

1 --  Elderly Instruments -- just about all of my cds available here  [click here for details]

2 -- CDbaby (most of my CDs are here) [click here for details]

3 -- others.  I have noticed that some of my stuff, new or used, shows up on "online stores" at eBay or Amazon.  Most of these people are selling my new stuff at highly inflated prices.  Best I can figure they take your money, then order a disc from CDbaby (or ME) and then ship it to you at twice the price. Please look at one of the other options before you order.

Ordering from Elderly Instruments

Elderly Instruments is a family-owned  "brick & mortar" music store in Lansing, MI, with a stellar reputation 
that stocks the world's finest array of stringed instruments and an incredible selection of CDs, with many hard-to-find recordings  -- including pretty much all of mine.  They have a great website and have been doing mail order for years -- even before there was an internet.  Now with a quicker turn-around time and lower shipping costs. I would recommend my friends at Elderly if you want to pick up other people's CDs (imagine that!) at the same time as mine.  

Click here for their extensive website: Elderly Instruments

Ordering from CDbaby

CDbaby is an online company that specializes in indy music.  All sorts of styles can be found there, but no major label stuff.  All my titles are not available there, but the very latest CDs are. I will be adding more titles in the future.  At CDbaby, each CD title gets its own page, and the roster is gigantic.   

They accept payment by credit card, and will charge a shipping fee. They send the actual CD just like a store, except that they sell on consignment. There is a download function there, where you can download an entire CD or singles as mp3 files at a reasonable price. See the top of this page. Again, you can shop for other Indy artists while you are there.  All reports I have heard about ordering from CDbaby have been good.  They ship from Oregon, so west coast orders would be fairly quick, I imagine. And Oregon has no sales tax. 

click here for CD Baby

(CDbaby sells my CDs currently for $15, but that does not include shipping  The total price will depend on the number of units ordered. Check it out at their website.)