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Pepper's Ghost
& other banjo visitations

(fossil 2313) 
2313 cover art.jpg (111334 bytes)       2313 extra panel art.jpg (131847 bytes)   

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released: October 29, 2013
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Let’s do the numbers: I started on the five-string banjo when I was in fifth grade. It’s been my haunt now for 50 years. (Maybe that makes me the ghost – or poltergeist – in the machine?) In 35 years of recording, and over 20 albums, this is my third project wholly devoted to banjo. So here with 13 banjo numbers – “a devil’s dozen” – is my latest visitation.


1. Pepper's Ghost (2:32)  click for MP3 sample
2. Panhandle Prairie (5:08)  click for MP3 sample
3. Dogs on the Davenport (2:02)  click for MP3 sample
4. By the Waters of Minnetonka (3:05)  click for MP3 sample
5. Leather Wing Bat (3:15) click for MP3 sample
6. Billy in the Low Ground (2:32)  click for MP3 sample
7. Joke on the Puppy (2:28)   click for MP3 sample
8. Two Little Sisters (5:44)  click for MP3 sample
9. The Bunch of Roses (3:24)  click for MP3 sample
10. Three Thin Dimes (2:15)  click for MP3 sample
11. When They Ring the Golden Bells (7:19)  click for MP3 sample
12. American Patrol (3:34)  click for MP3 sample
13. Fire on the Mountain (1:32)  click for MP3 sample


Conceived, performed & produced by Joel Mabus for Fossil Records
Recorded, mixed & mastered by John Stites for Arcadia Recording
Banjo built by Bart Reiter: his Round Peak model.
©(P) 2013 Joel Mabus - All Rights Reserved

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©2013 Joel Mabus

All Rights Reserved