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(fossil 1808)
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Released: January 15, 2008  
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Recorded in the Fall of 2007, this CD is a new take on a dozen of my earlier songs. 

All the songs on this CD were written and first recorded in the decade of 1987-97. A lot of songs here are much-requested audience favorites. Many of them have changed slightly over the years -- a new line here, a new attitude there.  Some were only available as "live" cuts before.  This is a new "studio" recording, but is straightforward recording: no gimmicks or fancy edits.  Two of the songs, "Hopelessly Midwestern" and "Duct Tape Blues" have monologues embedded -- in the old folk days we called this a "rap."  (That word had different meaning then.)  I had fun giving these songs a new spin in the studio -- I hope you have fun with them on the flip side. 

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    [click on or right-click & save "mp3 sample" to listen 90 seconds at 96kbs]

1 Swing That Thing  [mp3 sample]
2 The Naked Truth    [mp3 sample]
3 Hopelessly Midwestern    [mp3 sample]
4 Holding To The Land    [mp3 sample]
5 Five Kinds of Snow    [mp3 sample]
6 What 'My Doin' Wrong    [mp3 sample]
7 Duct Tape Blues    [mp3 sample]
8 The Preacher & the Flood    [mp3 sample]
9 Guadalupe [mp3 sample]
10 Touch A Name On The Wall    [mp3 sample]
11 Sea of Dreams    [mp3 sample]
12 Lucky, Lucky You    [mp3 sample]

All songs written by Joel Mabus, copyrights 1987-1997
All recordings copyright 2008, Joel Mabus
All Rights Reserved

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2009 Joel Mabus -- All Rights Reserved