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Time & Truth

(fossil 2719)

release date: Feb 1, 2019  

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Time & Truth are the two stout threads that knit together these songs.
It's either Time & the truth it tells on me, or Truth & the time it takes me to tell it.

Ten tracks here –  all are songs I have written, words and music, except for one lyric.   The exception: track 9 is my musical setting of a famous poem by Robert Frost. The poem has finally moved into the realm of public domain in 2019, so I am now free to sing it – publicly!  

              It’s about Truth, and it’s about Time! 

Herein you’ll find a salute to teachers, the romantic memory of a moonlit shore, a banjo tribute to the sound of a silver coin, and a train inside an old guitar. You’ll find dogs in heaven, scoundrels in hell, a grudge against infernal devices, an essay on Truth in the age of mendacity, a wistful Odyssean jazz ballad – and that lonesome fellow with his skeptical horse on a snowy evening.

All that, plus a Hallelujah chorus.


The Songs: 
"click to hear sample" will play the 1st minute or so

1. The Moon May Never Shine This Way Again 4:03  [click to hear sample]

2.  Walking Liberty 2:17   [click to hear sample]

3. Thank A Teacher 2:51   [click to hear sample]

4. A Special Kind Of Hell 2:41   [click to hear sample]

5. The Exaltation Of Blue 7:23   [click to hear sample]

6. Analog Joe 3:04   [click to hear sample]

7. When All the Famous People Are Forgot 3:45   [click to hear sample]

8. Yes Truth 4:55   [click to hear sample]

9. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening 1:39   [click to hear sample]

10. Last Train Home 3:05   [click to hear sample]


Fossil Records #2719
(P) © 2019 Joel Mabus
All Rights Reserved

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© 2019 Joel Mabus