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No Worries Now...

(fossil 2009)
joel mabus 2009 cover 300dpi.jpg (293028 bytes)  
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Released September 15, 2009 
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Recorded in the spring of 2009, these are all new songs I've written over the past 18 months or so.  The first collection of all-new all-original songs I've done in a while.  I had a great time writing, arranging, and recording these songs.  The production values are a bit bigger than some of my recent CDs.  Don't worry -- it is still my natural voice and acoustic guitar, but I added a bit of mandolin and second guitar here and there. And my old pal, Frank Youngman, came by to play upright bass on most of the tracks. 

So here it is: a plate-full of new songs for these weary times. The musical moods oscillate from jump swing to bluegrass to gospel with a little taste of jazz manouche and ragtime guitar in-between. The lyrics blend whimsy, politics, history, humor & philosophy in my usual manner.  Each track below has an mp3 clip of 75 seconds of each song to give you a taste.  There is a link to the liner notes near the bottom of this page if you want a closer look. 

    [click on or right-click & save "mp3 sample" to listen 75 seconds at 96kbs]

1 Am I Right   [mp3 sample] 
2 Come Along Again   [mp3 sample] 
3 Two Cents Plain   [mp3 sample] 
4 Alligator Ate Her Poodle   [mp3 sample] 
5 Little Mister Diddy   [mp3 sample] 
6 You Voted Red   [mp3 sample] 
7 Poison In The Glass   [mp3 sample] 
8 Halfway Home   [mp3 sample] 
9 Charlie Birger   [mp3 sample] 
10 The Lost Shall Be Redeemed   [mp3 sample] 
11 Give It Up   [mp3 sample] 
12 Shine   [mp3 sample] 
13 How Can I Keep From Singing [the old hymn re-imagined]   [mp3 sample] 
14 Extra Poison [bonus track]   [mp3 sample] 

all songs 2009 Joel Mabus
All lyrics by Joel Mabus.
All melodies by Joel Mabus,
except cuts #4 and #13, which are from the public domain,
adapted and arranged by Joel Mabus

[click here for lyrics]

[click here for liner notes]


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2009 Joel Mabus  -- all rights reserved