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The Joel Mabus Omnibus 
(part & parcel 1990-1992)

(fossil 1908)
omnibus cover.jpg (109855 bytes)  
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Released October 21, 2008.  
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This is a compilation CD, a two-for-one, if you will, of two previous albums, FIRELAKE and SHORT STORIES.  The cuts from those two discs were remastered for this re-issue. All of those two albums (from 1990 and 1992 respectively) are here, except for 3 songs.  
[Two of those three missing songs ("Hopelessly  Midwestern"  & "The Preacher and the Flood") were recorded a-new for the album Retold, released in early 2008.  The third one missing here ("Rorate Coeli Desuper") is an instrumental which can be found on my holiday album, How Like The Holly.]

With Omnibus you have 19 tracks, mostly original songs.  The songs range from spiritual to satirical, from playful to serious.  Not overly "produced" but there are tasteful extra instruments beyond guitar and voice.  Either Peter Dominguez or  Joe Konkoly plays bass on most tracks. 

    [click on or right-click & save "mp3 sample" to listen

1      Firelake 4:20 [mp3 sample]    
2      First Times 3:17  [mp3 sample] 
3      Hard to Say 3:19  [mp3 sample] 
4      The Fiddle & The Bow 5:56  [mp3 sample] 
5      Love Is A Song 3:37  [mp3 sample] 
6      A Midsummer Night's Waltz 2:34  [mp3 sample] 
7      Oscar & Minnie 3:00  [mp3 sample] 
8      I'm On My Way* 4:19  [mp3 sample] 
9      Snow On The Water 6:30  [mp3 sample] 
10     If Wishes Were Horses 3:43  [mp3 sample] 
11     Doc'sology 1:58  [mp3 sample] 
12     The Gray Mare (medley)* 4:44  [mp3 sample] 
13     The Book I Gave Up Reading 1:37  [mp3 sample] 
14     5W Blues 2:25  [mp3 sample] 
15     Honeysuckle Moon 2:18  [mp3 sample] 
16     Warmer Every Day 3:20  [mp3 sample] 
17     Talking 20th Century 5:15  [mp3 sample] 
18     A Better Voice 4:53  [mp3 sample] 
19     Let It Be Me & You 3:14  [mp3 sample] 

Total time 70:28

Peter Dominguez plays bass on tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, & 9.
Joe Konkoly plays bass on tracks 2, 4, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, & 19.
Joel Mabus - vocals, guitars, mandolin & 5-string banjo

[click here for lyrics]

[click here for liner notes]

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2009 Joel Mabus