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Ukulele Crimes

(fossil 2618)  

Release date March 2, 2018  

Available for purchase directly from Joel by mail for $16 incl. shipping within USA:
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The long wait is over! "When is Joel going to make a ukulele album?"  The answer is -- right now!
With six new originals, and seven fresh takes on some classic American songs.  It is NOT a children's album --
despite the hot pink album cover and playful design. No, this was meant for grownups, but safe enough
for kids -- there is no foul language. 

So the question now becomes: 
"Is it a crime to play the ukulele when all the world is blue?"
The answer comes in a hot pink wallet with a paper palm tree -- Ukulele Crimes!  

The Songs:
[click on the "mp3 sample" after each title for a generously sized sample clip]

1 Ukulele Crimes 3:06   (mp3 sample)
2 Ukulele Scrabble 2:28  
(mp3 sample)
3 Goats Can Eat Anything 2:29  
(mp3 sample)
4 Georgia Grind 2:30  
(mp3 sample)
5 I'll See You in C-U-B-A 3:23  
(mp3 sample)
6 My Melancholy Baby 2:33  
(mp3 sample)
7 Down Among The Sheltering Palms 3:38  
(mp3 sample)
8 Way Down Yonder In New Orleans 2:46  
(mp3 sample)
9 How Do You Spell Ukulele 4:47  
(mp3 sample)
10 The Reentrant - Waltz 3:15  
(mp3 sample)
11 Ukulele Schmukulele 4:04  
(mp3 sample)
12 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise 2:33  
(mp3 sample)
13 Bugle Call Rag 2:23  
(mp3 sample)

Tracks 1,2,3,9,10,11 are new original songs by Joel Mabus, 2018, Fingerboard Publishing, BMI
The rest are Joel's arrangements of Public Domain songs --
read the liner notes for complete info on composers & year of publication

read the lyrics

read the complete liner notes as published

read extra liner notes -- unpublished

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2018 Joel Mabus

All Rights Reserved